The Simplicity Garden Canopy Range

We help you to make the most of your outdoor space. As part of our portfolio of Garden Canopies and Verandas our most popular range are the Alfresco Simplicity Range.

We have 3 different styles in the range that allows you to have a projection of up to a maximum of 6metres and front supporting posts with a maximum spacing of 3.5metres.

Simplicity 6

Simplicity 16

Simplicity 35

Each one has been designed with flexibility in mind so that you can upgrade to a Victorian style of add heating and lighting to help you enjoy your outdoor space all year round no matter what the weather. Why do BBQ’s only have to be a summer occasion.

We can also manufacture and install side infill panels should you wish to have more protection from the elements.

The Alfresco simplicity 6 is a toughened glass veranda style that look magnificent with the addition of the Victorian upgrade. It also has an impressive maximum projection of up to 3.2 metres

Both the Alfresco Simplicity 16 and 35 are glazed with high strength Structured polycarbonate and although the Simplicity 35 is used in Commercial applications where a non-fragile roof is required it is priced for the domestic market where larger projections are required up to and including 6 metres.

Understanding the simplicity canopy range

All of our Alfresco Simplicity canopies are manufactured from high strength Aluminium Alloys. The only constraints on the lengths of the canopy we can supply are the boundaries of your garden each side.   Each one of our canopies has a different projection span depending on the space you have available, Our Simplicity 6 glass canopy projects up to 3.2metres, but our simplicity 16 and 35 Polycarbonate canopies between them cover all projections up to a maximum of 6metres. We have also recently introduced our Simplicity Xtra Glass canopy that will project upto an impressive 4 metres without having to pay for the larger Alfresco canopies and verandas designed to span upto 6metres.

Each canopy is supplied with a robust roofing system, if you would like glass then the simplicity 6 is the perfect choice, if you would like polycarbonate panels then you can select 16mm on the simplicity 16 canopy and 35mm on the simplicity 35 canopy.

Every canopy supplied comes with high UV protection, integral aluminium guttering and can be supplied with optional Victorian upgrade.

Choosing the right canopy

  Simplicity 6 Simplicity 16 Simplicity 35
All Aluminium System
Roof Panel Material 6mm Toughened Glass 16mm Polycarbonate 35mm Polycarbonate
Maximum Projection 3.2 Metres 4 Metres 6 Metres
Maximum Length Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Roof Pitch 2.5° to 22.5° 2.5° to 22.5° 2.5° to 45°
Distance Between Posts 3 Metres 3 Metres 3.5 Metres
Any Colour
Victorian Upgrade
Heaters Available
L.E.D Lighting
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