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Carport and Canopy Buyers Guide

Materials, design and future care are important considerations when you are choosing your new carport and canopy. From aluminium to plastic, suitable accessories and appropriate heating; each has an impact on how you can use and enjoy your new structure. Read through our buyers guide before getting in touch with the Alfresco Canopies team to discuss the best way forward.

Carport & Canopy Material

There a number of different styles, colours and materials on offer. Each type of material can have its own benefits.

Aluminium Carports & Canopies

  • Pros: low cost and long life expectancy. Aluminium is a durable material which is easy to maintain and can be coloured to match existing features.
  • Cons: if not manufactured correctly aluminium can sometimes dent.

Wooden Carports & Canopies

  • Pros: Wood is a long lasting material and provides a traditional look that is easy to clean; it can also be painted to fit in with existing colour schemes.
  • Cons: Wooden structures need treatment on a regular basis and can lose their condition over the years.

Plastic Carports & Canopies

  • Pros: an extremely low cost solution. The structure should be easy to clean and require low maintenance.
  • Cons: Plastic is not always strong enough to withstand harsh weather and can crack due to being heated and cooled down.

Carport & Canopy Care

When choosing your carport or canopy, give a thought to aftercare. The type of material can have a severe impact on the level of maintenance required to keep your structure looking and performing at its best.

Aluminium carports & canopies

A low maintenance metal that does not rust, consider powder coating to weatherproof and reduce the risk of scratching. You can then clean with warm soapy water when required.

Wooden Carports & Canopies

Should be treated either before assembly or as soon as they have been installed. This helps increase the lifespan of your structure. Reduce hardwood from fading with protective stains and oils.

Plastic Carports & Canopies

Plastic is an easy to low maintenance material, and can be wiped down with a damp cloth and hose pipe to get rid of any stubborn dirt.

Carport & Canopy Accessories

When choosing your carport or canopy you will need to remember that any desired upgrades or accessories can impact on the type of material you finally use.


There are many different styles available for your canopy or carport. Wooden structures can be built to any specification, with metal canopies easily adapted with extras such as the Victorian upgrade system.

Colour coding / Powder coating

Most metal or wooden structures come in a standard colour. You may want to provide a colour contrast with your carport or veranda. We recommend powder coating for the aluminium structures and can match it with your existing colour scheme.

Carport & Canopy Outdoor living.

Whilst thinking about installing a canopy there are a few different options you need to consider,

Outdoor heating

Using your canopy on an evening and in the winter months is more enjoyable with infrared outdoor heating or patio heaters. With low running costs they enable you to utilise your investment all year round.


For dark nights, think about integrated or wall mounted lighting to help provide a clear and bright setting for your family and friends.


If you are hoping to eat outside in the summer months or organise family gatherings, the right furniture is key to finding the perfect outdoor environment.