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Our maintenance service is available during and after the expiration of the guarantee. We recommend inspecting your structure every 3-6 months, with a full check of the ground works and fixings once a year.


The product (including roof and wall claddings, fixings, coatings, and materials) should be inspected visually every 3-6 months for:

  • Damage
  • Reduction in performance
  • Breakdown of surface finish
  • Loose fixings
  • Loose ground anchors

Our maintenance service provides all of these checks in line with all manufacturer guidance and in compliance with our warranty. This includes:

Fixing & ground work checks
We make sure all fixture tightness is retained, and if not will tighten this to manufacturer specifications.

Powder Coatings Assessment
Our team inspect the structure for any breakdown of surface finish, visual defects and damage to the powder coated surface; checking for evidence that it has broken through to the galvanised or original base metal underneath.

The first step in gutter maintenance is to remove all of the debris such as twigs and leaves, or any other objects from the roof of the structure. We then check the gutter supports and downspout fixtures and then flush the gutters with water.

Finally, we wash the roof with a standard water hose and make sure the water follows from the roof and into the gutters effectively. This process is very important to make sure that everything is working efficiently.

Aspects of the maintenance process require working at height in an outdoor environment. We recommend using our maintenance plan to ensure personal safety and accurate checks.

For more details and pricing please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


We recommend that all structures are cleaned at least twice a year to prevent a build-up of dirt that can cause damage, particularly to polycarbonate surfaces. The frequency of this clean can be dependent on your environment – harsh coastal or industrial environments will require a clean to be performed at least every 3 months. Where the surroundings are considered to be non-coastal and non-industrial, the frequency can be reduced to six month intervals.

We recommend NOT using any of the following cleaning products for the regular cleaning of your canopy:

  • Abrasive products should not be used at any time.
  • Never use bleach, solvents, abrasive paste or cream cleaners as they could cause damage to the surface of your structure.
  • No cleanser that contains chlorinated solvents, ketones or esters should be used.
  • Pressure washers or steam cleaners should not be used on any part of your structure.

These will cause the paint to soften and a further issue will be created that could require major refurbishment to be undertaken.

We always recommend our tailored cleaning services as part of a complete maintenance plan. We can agree the right plan for your structure and provide the service at a time suitable for you.

For more details and pricing don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.