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Alfresco Simplicity 6 Glass Garden Veranda

from £1500

The Simplicity 6 is a stylish veranda system that is glazed as standard in 6mm clear toughened glass. With elegant posts this our simplicity 6 canopy offers you a deluxe Veranda at an affordable price. It has an impressive projection of up to 3.5mts and we have just introduced our Simplicity Xtra Glass Veranda that can project up to 4 metres.

By featuring the option of glass roofing, the Simplicity 6 offers improved acoustic properties – reducing the noise of rain drops during a downpour; these glass panels also provide a sparkling finish which is easy to maintain, particularly if the self-cleaning Glass is upgrade is chosen. We can also offer tinted glass options.

The Simplicity 6 is the perfect Veranda solution for domestic gardens and provides effective and stylish cover from the weather for Alfresco dining and garden parties, with a full 10 year guarantee and a 25 year life expectancy, making this a real investment that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Upgrading your Veranda with the Victorian style sleeves and gallows brackets and by adding our integrated led lighting options, which are controlled at your fingertips by remote control, will let you party and entertain well after the sun has gone down with an extra hint of style.

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Key Veranda Features

The Simplicity 6 Glass Garden Veranda is a low maintenance Veranda that offers high light transmittance perfect for dining areas in the garden.

If you choose the self-cleaning glass option the dirt breaks down organically and is washed away by rain, a small amount of UV is needed to activate the special coating so that the Veranda remains clean even on cloudy days. For this option there would need to be a sufficient pitch of at least 10 degrees for it to work.

All roof options allow this Veranda to be installed in height restricted areas and the simple fixing system allows for a simple and speedy installation. We can also accommodate bungalows by installing wall brackets it required to lift the Veranda above the eaves line.

We now also one of the only systems of its price range with an option of having only 2 posts for a 5 meter length veranda.  Please ask for more details.

There are options of led lighting and Infrared heaters that allow you to enjoy your Veranda all year round. If you require your Veranda to not only provide cover for you during inclement weather we also have options for shade when you want it with Blinds that either fit above or below the Veranda roof.

Colours & Finish

Our Simplicity 6 Glass Veranda now comes in 3 standard colours or for an additional cost we can powder coat the structure to any RAL colour or BS colour (please be-aware this can increase lead time).

Suitable for

Our Simplicity 6 Glass Garden Veranda is suitable for areas with a span of up to 3.5 meters and a pitch variation between 2.5 degrees to 22.5 degrees.


  • Full 10 year guarantee

  • Low maintenance

  • Tinted or UV activated self-cleaning glass as an optional extra

  • Neat and quick Installation

  • Low profile for height restricted areas

  • 3 standard colours plus as an extra we can provide the framework to any standard ral.

Veranda Technical Specs


  • Heavy duty structural aluminium for ultimate strength.
  • Integral Aluminium Guttering which is stronger than external guttering systems.


  • Powder coated Aluminium structure.
  • Self cleaning 6mm toughened glass as an optional extra.


  • Stainless Steel Fixings using 316 marine grade stainless steel; for longevity and total resistance to corrosion. All covered by powder coated trims or caps.

Glass Options

The standard glass option is 6mm clear toughened Glass, we also have additional upgrade options on 6mm clear self-cleaning and  currently we have a bronze tint available but also have options for films to be retro fitted to give more tints and uv solar reductions.

Victorian Upgrade Available

Enhance your structure with traditional style decorative post sleeves and gallows brackets.

Integrated LED Lighting

We have a fantastic Led 4 colour lighting system available that is able to be recessed into the underside of the glazing bars which enables you to entertain when the sun goes down.

Infrared Heaters – Wall Mounted

Infrared Heaters can be added to the veranda to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

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