Our carport range of solutions have been designed with quality, longevity and speed of installation in mind. We have developed these systems that are made from High Strength Aluminium Powder coated Frames so that they last the rigours of the British weather and are virtually maintenance free unlike Steel or Wooden alternatives.

Evolution Carports

Simplicity Carports

Understanding the different carport options

Our two styles of carports have similar features, if you require a shorter, standard projection our evolution system is a suitable option  as this has a maximum projection of 4.1 metres, if you have a wider drive then our simplicity 35 carport is the best option as this has a projection of up to 6 metres and unlimited length. However, the Simplicity option is also equally as good on the smaller projections and is more flexible on the pitch options for the slope of the roof.

Both of our carport ranges benefit from 99% UV protection using polycarbonate glazing panels, we have designed a fully integrated guttering system for both options. IF required we can also supply our simplicity carport with toughened glass up to a maximum projection of 3.2mtrs.

The structure of each carport is made from  high strength Aluminium and is powder coated for maximum protection, all fixtures and fittings use Stainless Steel. Each Carport has its own specific guarantee, the evolution carport we provide a 5 year guarantee and our simplicity carport we offer a 10 year guarantee and we expect around 25 year life expectancy for the simplicity carport system.

We can also supply side panels, if required as an optional extra.

Carports for all budgets

We have two different carport options available, our evolution carports are the baseline and our simplicity range enable you to move into the higher end of carports. Each one has its own benefits and can be fitted into your budget .

Choosing the right carport

  Evolution Carports Simplicity Carports
All Aluminium System
Roof Panel Material 16mm Structured Polycarbonate 16mm Structured Polycarbonate
Maximum Projection 4.1 Metres 6 Metres
Maximum Length Unlimited Unlimited
Roof Pitch 5° to 20° 2.5° to 22.5°
Distance Between Posts 3 Metres 4 Metres
Any Colour
Victorian Upgrade
Heaters Available
L.E.D Lighting
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