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Alfresco Simplicity Free Veranda

The Alfresco Simplicity Free system has been designed to give a modern Cuboid Contemporary Design., Named for its free-standing option, the Alfresco Simplicity Free delivers maximum versatility as it can be adapted as a wall mounted system as well.

This gives you the benefit of being able to have a Veranda in an area away from the house to give you a separate place to entertain others or simply spoil yourself.

The modern Cuboid design with the large 300mm ring beam at roof level cleverly hides the pitch of the roof glazed in 6mm toughened glass.

The Alfresco Simplicity Free has an impressive maximum projection of up to 4 metres and the length is only restricted by the confines of the space you have.

 The Alfresco Simplicity Free is Constructed using High Strength Aluminium Alloy Sections which are re-cyclable and are strong enough to stand up to any other Veranda on the market to cope with the UK weather systems. To demonstrate this further the Simplicity Free has a strong 8 millimetre galvanised steel profile corner connector plate to guarantee firm installation.

We believe in combining value for money with style on all our systems and the engineering design that has gone into this Veranda leads us to believe the Alfresco Simplicity Free has an expected lifespan of 50 years and comes with a 10-year manufacturers guarantee.

What to do with the water that is gathered by the roof of any Veranda, Canopy or Carport is always a question for the designers. With this in mind The Alfresco Simplicity Free incorporates has cleverly concealed drainage via internal gutters and downpipes. This allows the water to drain and be dispersed either by connecting to underground drainage pipes or to release at ground level.

Lighting is another important consideration to allow comfortable use day or night. The Sim Free has the option of incorporated Somfy Remote controlled LED spotlighting in the roof bars, providing homeowners with the choice of RGB, warm, or pure white light to suit the mood.

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Main Features

  • Wall Mounted or Free Standing Options – Specifically designed to be able to provide either a wall-mounted structure or a free standing option wherever you wish to locate it in the Garden.
  • Clean Contemporary Cubic Design – All Veranda and Canopy roofs need to have a pitch on them in order for the water to drain from. The Alfresco Simplicity Free has specifically been designed to look modern and hide the pitch for people who prefer not to see this.
  • Sturdy 8mm galvanised steel profile connector plate – Internal corner connections are made with strong steel plate for firm installation
  • Integrated gutters and downpipes – Water management is effortlessly achieved with the Sim Free, with rainwater evacuated via hidden, internal drainage
  • Roof bars with optional integrated Somfy-controlled LED lights – Lighting is available, with LED spotlights in the roof bars providing RGB, warm, or white light
  • 6mm toughened glass – Available in clear or coloured options, the roof glass panels are highly strong and provide shade and shelter
  • 4 metre maximum projection, 4 metre maximum between posts, any length achievable – Highly versatile installation options, able to provide a large footprint for the largest patios
  • 3m Maximum post height – The Sim Free can provide a very high clearance, ideal for large properties or commercial and public spaces
  • Chunky 30 centimetre Ring Beam around perimeter – Very strong, visually sleek and modern with hidden fixings and gutter, the Sim Free Ring Beam is a contemporary and practical solution
  • Surface mounted or Cast-in Post Options – Versatile fixing to the ground, with the option to mount beneath ground or securely mount to the floor surface if penetration is not feasible
  • Concealed fixings throughout – The Sim Free has clip-in covers to ensure that no fixings are visible, to maintain the aesthetic impact of the installed system
  • Colours – Available in 2 standard Colours of Anthracite Grey or Jet Black we can also offer other colours for an additional charge.

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