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Pergola Awnings

Do You have big plans, even if it’s forecast to be windy and inclement weather?

Our Alfresco Markilux pergolas are extremely strong whilst aesthetically not taking up a lot of space on the patio. This combined with the proven pergola sun protection and being able to adapt to the particular requirements of the location and weather at any time.

There are also a number of optional extras to compliment this with the Markilux Shadeplus and a wide range of lighting options and column variants. This gives you the flexibility and choice to design your outdoor space as you wish.

The guide rails always ensure the fabric is kept to the optimum tension.

We have a number of different styles and models with the Markilux Pergola Classic, Markilux Pergola Cubic, Markilux Pergola Compact and the Markilux Pergola stretch.

We have you covered no matter what the size that you are looking for.

This means that our pergolas are not only an aesthetically Stunning, but also have a wide range of options for better rainwater drainage, the front column of the Alfresco Markilux Pergola awnings can be lowered between 20 and 40 cm almost instantly and depending on the size – with a motor, of course, if desired.

To turn night into day, LED lines can be integrated into the guide rails and/or the fabric support tube.

Where fixing the front columns down to the patio is not possible at all, we have weighting boxes that can be finished off and disguised as flower troughs.

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