When buying a new carport or canopy for your home, you need to feel confident that it will perform well over time, correctly installed and made with materials that will withstand UK weather conditions.

Once you have decided on the right materials for your carport or canopy it is time to consider the style of the structure you require. The period of your property, roof design and other existing outside structures can all have an impact on which design works well for you and your home.

To help you make the best choice, here is our round up of the various alternatives and the pros and cons that go with each.

Wall Mounted/Lean-to

A wall-mounted structure is cost effective and one of the most popular options amongst householders. If you wish, it can allow you to position your carport or canopy in a way that provides uninterrupted cover for people and items as they travel from your vehicle to your door.


A cantilever carport or canopy is supported from just one side, with no other supports required.

This leaves the area open with no posts. If you like the sound of this, make sure that all of the necessary wind and snow-loading calculations are performed. This will ensure that your carport or canopy is structurally sound all year round.

We recommend that you seek professional advice from an independent structural engineer.


Freestanding carports or canopies do not need to be fixed to a supporting wall, offering greater flexibility. The increased number of posts can make this an expensive solution, so it is not always cost effective.


Once you have chosen the style of your carport or canopy, the colour is also very important. It should fit with your current home environment, or purposefully contrast with it in a complementary fashion. If you have an older house or one built in a period style, a bright, statement colour may not fit well.

Most carports and canopies are available in a choice of colours. If you would like yours to blend in with the rest of your building, we recommend choosing a colour that matches your existing windows, fascia’s, or other external features.

To ensure a perfect match, check with your supplier to see if they offer the colour you would like. We can powder coat all of our structures to match any RAL or BS colour code; making the choice of colours almost endless.