Are you considering a new veranda for your home but uncertain if it is worth the investment? There are many ways that a veranda can enhance your everyday life, here are our seven favourite reasons for buying a new outdoor structure for your home.

Extend your living space

An attractive veranda provides additional living space for you to enjoy all year round. Work from home in the summer, or create extra space for guests when the weather prevents you from stepping out into the garden.


As well as using your veranda as living space, you can also use it to store equipment that might normally have to live outside, such as BBQ’s, garden furniture and bicycles. Protect them from the potential damage caused by tree sap, bird droppings, bad weather and UV rays by storing them in your veranda.

Enhance your home

Add value to your home with a high quality structure that enhances your property.

Entertain friends and family

Host outdoor parties and even BBQ’s without relying on the great British weather. Simply move people into the veranda, instead of squashing everyone indoors and ending up with grassy footprints all over your living room carpet.

High UV protection

Stay protected from the sun by choosing a veranda with a UV protective filter. Enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the potential health implications. Please note, we still recommend applying adequate sun protection.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Choose clear, glass roof panels to view the stars, sit under a glazed veranda and watch the birds come and go, plant seedlings and enjoy potting even when it’s rainy outside.

Take your hobbies outside

Painting, drawing, whatever your art or craft: take it into the veranda and find new sources of inspiration from your garden and outdoor spaces. Give children free rein with craft activities, with less risk of your home being ‘decorated’ in the process.